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July 2015

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The Unexpected (Completed)
Warning:Angst, Tragedy, Grammar mistakes...
Just a repost of the same fic , just omitted some things.

JaeJoong has been sitting in the same dark room, in the same position, for what may seem like days. Yet he doesn't have a care in the world about what's going on around him right at this moment. He stares blankly at the overly decorated wall for he realizes that his world is now starting to tumble down all around him. It only took a matter of seconds. His mind though can only grasp around one thing, only one person; JunSu.

After a while, he breaks from his trance and looks at the engagement ring sitting on the small coffee table in front of him. He reaches out for it and admires the design and great attention that went into creating this particular ring.

He remembers going into the small yet extravagant jewelry shop, recommended to him by his mother, and upon looking at the small collection of engagement rings; he found none that that would suit his JunSu. The store clerk, finally taking pity on JaeJoong after seeing the increasingly helpless expression on his face, asks if JaeJoong would rather have one especially made one instead.

When he went back to retrieve the ring the next day and seen the ring, he knew then that his JunSu couldn't possibly refuse his proposal. At the memories, JaeJoong chuckles bitterly and clenches the ring tightly in his hand.

Now it's not even worth it at this point - it was all for not. He was going to propose to JunSu in two weeks. The night of their fifth anniversary. He feels his heart sink realizing the huge mistake he would have made knowing what he does know now. He throws the ring across the room feeling overwhelmingly furious.

He quickly stands up ignoring dizziness and frantically paces in front of the sofa. His hasty steps and loud, uneven breathes are the only things that can be heard in the usually quant and cozy living room. The slowly disappearing rays of the setting sun, the only thing eliminating the entire house, silently letting him know his JunSu will soon be home. His phone suddenly begins to vibrate from the coffee table in front of him, but he chooses to ignore it. The only thing rummaging through his mind is the best way to confront JunSu about what he found out today.

He sighs tiredly as he slumps back onto the sofa and runs his fingers through his hair. Just then the front door opens and no sooner than it closes does he hear the voice of his lover and before anything else registers in his mind, JaeJoong charges straight towards his lover.

Once he’s close enough, he engages Junsu in a rough kiss. He presses a hand against the nape of Junsu ’s neck giving the slightly small man no choice but to kiss back. Jaejoong didn’t intend for things to turn out this way. He wanted things to be slow and sensual in way that nothing in this moment would be forgotten. Yet the moment he saw the younger man all that went out the window. While still engaged in the forceful kiss they made their way to their shared bedroom, clothes being striped as they went along.

Jaejoong rides out the rest of his orgasm and slowly pulls out earning a low groan from the man beneath him. He falls down beside Junsu sweaty and breathless. He still manages to pull the equally sweaty and breathless man close to him. After a while he notices that Junsu ’s breathing has slowed and are slow and even. He gives the man a delicate kiss on the lips before slowly untangling himself from his lover.

He quietly makes his way out of the bed and is hit with a sudden wave of dizziness, but quickly shrugs it off since it only lets a few seconds. He quickly and quietly gathers his and Junsu ’s clothes, only throwing Junsu ’s into the laundry bin and takes a quick shower.

Jaejoong makes his way back in to the bedroom to make certain Junsu has not awakened and to his relief he hasn’t. He gives him one last kiss this one with more pressure than the previous one. Junsu sleepily moans into the kiss but only stares a little when Jaejoong pulls back. Jaejoong looks at the man he loves and takes in the striking features of the man he’s loved for six years, and then he turns away, takes the small duffle bag inside the closet, and quietly exits the room closing the door softly behind him.

He heads towards the living room only to retrieve his cell phone. His phone, his personnel belongings in the bag, and the clothes he’s currently wearing the only things he’s taking with him. He feels as though his forgetting something important but finds it hard to figure out what it is because of the slow increasing headache he’s developed the past two hours. He chooses to ignore it and makes his way to the front door when something slides across the floor and he remembers. He picks up the engagement ring and places it into his pocket while making his way out of the house. He immediately spots the car waiting for him.

The man waiting at the car sighs relived when he sees Jaejoong exit the house. The look the older man has on face lets him know things did not go, as he would have like to have hoped.

“He didn’t tell him.” He is met with silence as Jaejoong simply opens the passenger’s side door and gets in. The other man follows suit, getting in the driver’s side, with a frown.

“Say nothing else and just drive to the airport, Min.” Jaejoong says once Changmin closes the driver door. Changmin does just that the entire drive to the airport. Jaejoong knows he is not angry with Changmin but angry with himself for being a coward. He would whether flee the country then look at the person he loves more than anything looks, that he may have less than a year to live.


Jaejoong never regretted his decision to stay home. It’s been eight months since that night and Jaejoong was grateful he had Junsu by his side through it all. He was glad to see that Junsu was still asleep when he came back to their place. Neither he nor Changmin ever brought up the night he almost left everything behind.

Jaejoong was now sitting in front his doctor waiting to hear the results from his the treatment session. It turned out that his illness was not as severe as his doctor had originally hypothesized in the beginning and made Jaejoong’s chances of surviving a lot greater. It had been a trying time the past few months but was glad he had so much support from family and friends.

The word remission didn’t quite register with Jaejoong at first, since he had by now gotten used to the same response from his sessions. Yet, when he was suddenly embraced by a crying Junsu and saw the smile on the doctor’s face did it final hit him. Tears felled his eyes as Jaejoong returned Junsu’s hug and sigh a sigh of relief, for the first time in a long time Jaejoong felt free.