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July 2015

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Down to Earth chp 4

Focus: Hangeng, Junsu
Rating: G
Note: No real progression to the story. This just a glimpse into Hangeng's life so far.

Junsu wastes no time examining Hangeng's face. He can feel Hangeng's metal framework under the false skin as he gets a closer inspection. Junsu cannot believe how human Hangeng looks. He decides that the face chosen for him fits him.

Hangeng does nothing but let the young master Junsu fill his curiosity. Ever since the upgrades to his systems, Han notices how open everything seems around him. He actually feels how differently the same surroundings are being processed as if seeing them for the first time; and, a feeling of happiness, described to him by the technicians at seeing the young master’s face. The tests he went through during his stay at the facility were to see how well he adjusts to the upgrades.

As Han looks around at everything he’s had a chance to, he now feels a sense of excitement and wonder despite leaving in this very home for many years now. Han arrived just over 10 years ago in fact. Hangeng’s original purpose was to tend to baby Junsu’s every whim and the occasional house errand. Han was only meant to stay as nanny for the first three years or so of Junsu’s life.

Hangeng was especially created to and for Junsu. Han is part of a programmable android type, a nanny type, and his specific model types are especially made and irreversibly programmed to tend to the child or children whose parents the androids were brought for. These expensive nannies are one of the first and most popular types of androids to have and are normally the most of the short-lived then the other types. Since their coding is designed for a certain child and reprogramming them is virtually impossible for security reasons, once they were no longer needed, the only option is to completely destroy them and recycle what could be used again to make others.

Han looks at the younger master musing over his new humanlike appearance and smiles. He cannot help but smile at the boy taken care all this time. He knows with the amount of time and money, the Kim’s have put into making him better, that he has a home here a lot longer than many of his kind. Pure happiness is all Han knows to sum up what it is he feels right now. He is still processing all the raw data he’s collecting from is new, old surroundings.

Junsu pauses in his inspection of Han and looks up at his face, Junsu expressions read that of hesitation and then one of child vulnerability and determination as he asks; “are you happy to be back here?”

Han smiles even brighter and gathers Junsu in to mechanical arms. “I am very happy to be here with once more young master.”

Any doubt Junsu has disappears because of Han answer. Junsu smiles at the android’s positive conformation and hugs Hangeng’s neck tightly knowing he couldn’t hurt him.