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July 2015

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Down to Earth Chp 2

Focus: Junsu, Changmin
Rating: G
Note: There's one more chapter on Junsu's first day of school but after that things pick up a bit.

It’s the hour break hour and Junsu walks in line with his classmates to the dining area. They pass several classrooms along the way, many containing that of the older upper-class students. A couple of students do turn to look at the others passing by, but they know they students inside don’t hear them at least since the rooms are soundproof. Junsu and the other students still look at everything the school features in wonder even though they were given a tour of the facility two days prior during orientation. Especially the large fountain the sits in the middle of one of the recreational areas outside. The main recreational area is enclosed inside the school itself further insuring the privacy of the students. Junsu did not stay long in that particular area during the tour but fell in love all the same and wants to make sure he goes there again before the day is over.

He’s musing is interrupted when nearly collides with a upper-class student exiting one of classrooms. Junsu gasps and stumbles backward out of way. The in front of him is tall and gorgeous; and catches a glimpse of his name tag pinned on his shirt. The taller boy smiles slightly at Junsu and continues on his way in the opposite direction down the hall. Junsu shakes his head and follows closer to the rest of the class towards the dining area, glad no one says anything.

Junsu remains silent the rest of walk to the dining area, content with listening to what the other students talk about whatever catches their eye. He looks behind him to see that he’s not the only one keeping to himself. The other student seems to doing the same thing he is doing and cannot help be notice how sure and confident the other boy steps are while he walks. The other student’s name is Changmin. The other boy is shorter than the rest of them and looks younger as well. Junsu knows he’s the son of Councilman Choi but doesn’t know much else about him other than that the other boy is a year younger than everyone else in the class. The smaller boy is very smart and shows signs of becoming a very promising Councilman like his father. Junsu refocuses his gaze and blushes when the boy makes eye contact with him.


Changmin smirks at the boy that he catches staring at him. He watches the older boy as he continues to look anywhere else except his direction. Changmin knows there must be a little embarrassment at being caught staring with the other walking stiffly with the class. Changmin knows just who he is before the boy introduced himself earlier; Changmin already in the classroom when the older boy waltzed in. Even then, he could tell how shy and afraid the boy looked. Changmin knows why though, his father already discussing with him a few days earlier the boy who’s now getting his fingerprint scanned to receive his prescheduled lunch. Changmin is half temped to ignore he father’s advice of befriending the boy because he knows his father’s intentions. Changmin scans his finger to receive his own lunch and makes his way to Junsu. The other is still standing awkwardly to the side not sure where to sit. He also looks around for a reasonable place to eat and decides on a less occupied table near the rear exit. He makes his way over to Junsu first, getting the older boy’s attention as he does.

“Your name is Kim correct?” He asks the boy. The other nods hesitantly and looks even more afraid if that is possible. “My name is Changmin Choi. The table is this way.”

Changmin turns and walks to the table he spotted moments before, confident that Junsu will follow. The other boy does of course but the look of confusion is on the older boy’s face now. Changmin sighs and realize he’s made the boy more uncomfortable than he already seems to be. They make to the table and both immediately tuck into their meals. Changmin waits a bit before he addresses the boy sitting across from him. He looks down at his food unsure where to begin their conversation. There are many things Changmin wants to say to Junsu, but he isn’t sure what the other does and doesn’t know about the obvious arrangement between their families.

“You didn’t really have to sit here with me if you didn’t want to.” Changmin watches as the boy pauses with his fork halfway to his mouth. He can’t help but chuckle at the boy’s comical face. Junsu puts down the forkful of food and he smiles a little himself and can imagine the look he just made. He can feel his face heating up again and sits up straighter in his seat.

“It’s fine, really. I would still be looking for a place to sit if you hadn’t come along.” Junsu says more to himself than to Changmin.

“I doubt that very much Mr. Kim.” Changmin replies with amusement obvious in the voice. They both laugh and Changmin is glad Junsu seems to relax some and absently thinks to himself that laugh is something he wouldn’t mind hearing again. Even though he’s laughing with Junsu he cannot help but think the other doesn’t have a clue just how well know his family is around here. He knows that in the years to come that many of the boys and girls here will try to vey for his attention here. Changmin himself included.

The rest of the lunch speak on save topics, like how they both agree their homeroom teacher is automatically the best in the school and what the first half of their school will entail. Neither discusses the prospect of what the second, many because of what it means for Junsu. They return back to their classroom with the majority of their other classmates with some still finishing their lunch. The teacher isn’t there so the students chat while they wait. Changmin sits in the vacant sit on Junsu’s left so the two of them can continue their discussion on whose favorite soccer team is better.

The five minute warning chimes just as the last couple of students enter the classroom. Changmin has no choice but move back to his assigned seat. Changmin knows from his talk with Junsu the other knows nothing of their parents intentions and Changmin thinks that may be a good thing in the long run. It’s not think he does think the older boy already so maybe befriending him wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Their friendship may even smooth over their future marriage arrangement, if negotiations for that has not started already. At this point that is a distant topic he will have to discuss with his own father. He’s main focus is trying to make friends and Junsu seems like a good start despite the path they may share in the future.


marriage arrangement? waaaaahhhh waaaaahhhh minsu is on the way? coolness~
Yes,yes it is.