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July 2015

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JaeSu PG
Warning: Angst, Tragedy, Mpreg, Grammar mistakes...
Sum: Finds Out whether or not Junsu awakes.

To The Previous

The little girl laid in bed and stared blankly at the ceiling. It was Saturday but the little girl had no intentions of getting out of bed. Nothing she could think of could raise her spirits, afraid that after visiting her unconscious parent, she would not see him again. She knew what happening even though no one told her directly. She could see it in the way her father would get a sad far off look in his eye; she could hear it the way her Uncle spoke to her father about her mother. She knew of the talk her father had with her mother’s doctor two weeks ago, when her Uncle YooChun came to pick her up from school instead. Tears started to gather thing of what all that could mean for the mother she may never actually get to meet.

Jaejoong sat on the couch listening to ticking of the clock. He too did not have any intentions of moving despite the lateness of the morning. He long ago gave up the hope that his daughter wouldn’t notice the changes that happen involving her mother. Jaejoong hoped he could wait as long as possible before breaking the news to his daughter about what was happen with her mother. He had the seen her mood change as well as how withdrawn she had become; especially after he was not able to drive her home from school on the day of his discussion with Junsu’s doctor. Jaejoong took a deep breath as glanced to the clock; he stood tiredly as he made his way to his daughter’s room. Today was starting out as anything but routine.

Two Months Later

Junsu had a big grin on his face as placed the last candle on the birthday cake. He was still not yet fully recovered, though he thinks he never will be, he was able to be released from hospital Justin time for his baby’s birthday. After spending time at the grave site of son, Junsu and Jaejoong both came back home to finish the decorations for their little girl’s birthday party.

Jaejoong laughed and clapped with the rest of the party guests has he watch his husband help their daughter blow out the candles on her cake. Even though he knew Junsu probably thought he would never recover either to share in on their children’s birthday. Jaejoong knew would that Junsu would, that he was certain of.


oh ~ how come I never seen this fic before?
woah it's good ,I wonder how junsu recover but I'm so happy for them ^^
I first started writing this a few years back, like in '09, and I only posted the second part to the comm Hug.
I was going to write in Junsu''s recovery but got lazy. LOL
I'm glad you enjoyed it. TY for commenting.
I'm a bit counfused..
is su mother of jae's daughter??
is su sick?
I'm so sorry for asking..
btw I like it..
It's hard to find jaesu TT.TT
I sorry you got confused.
Junsu is the mother. Su was in a coma because of a car crash.
I don't mind explaining and I'm glad you liked it! ^^
I'm glad that Junsu finally woke up!